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iButton Locks

The perfect combination of security and flexibility for keyless access control

iButton Solo Keyless Lock

Eternity II iButton Keyless Lock

Eternity II iButton  Keyless Lock

Eternity iKeypad Keyless Lock

Eternity Doorstrike Controller

iButton Locker and Cabinet Lock


The iButton Locks




What is an iButton?


How does an iButton Lock work?


Key Benefits




The 3 part system


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If you are like most people in business, keeping track of keys and locks and who has access to what is a major problem. The Eternity iButton Lock systems can make life much easier for you and your employees. With these iButton keyless locks you can rekey the lock in seconds, assign access by day or hour or even single use, track who uses the lock and when, stop the making of unauthorized duplicate keys. You can even use the same iButtons for the Timepilot Time and Attendance systems.

With security costs rising, property and business owners need to be as efficient as possible. TimePilot Eternity Locks are simple to install and operate.

There is never a need to call a locksmith with  iButton Locks.

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The Eternity iButton Keyless Locks - iButton Solo, Eternity iButton Locks, iButton Locker Lock

iButton Solo Keyless Lock

    The iButton Solo

    • For indoor use
    • Users: Up to 299
    • Access type:  iButton, keypad (4 to 8 digital combination) or both
    • All operations set up at lock. No software is needed
    • Battery life:  More than 10,000 openings
    • Simple installation. No wires between lock and PC


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Eternity II - An iButton Keyless Lock

    The Eternity II iButton Lock

    • For heavy duty outdoor or indoor use
    • Users: Up to 1.000
    • Battery life: More than 10,000 openings
    • Simple installation. No wires between lock and PC
    • Uses Eternity Lock Management software. Allows supervisors to set access by day or hour and track lock’s use


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Eternity III - An iButton Keyless Lock

    The Eternity III iButton Lock

    • For indoor use
    • Power type: Four AA batteries
    • Users: Up to 1,000
    • Battery life: More than 10,000 openings
    • Simple installation. No wires between lock and PC
    • Uses Eternity software


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Eternity iKeypad - An iButton Keyless Lock

    Eternity iKeypad Lock

    • For indoor use on closets, cabinets, etc
    • Power type: Four AA batteries
    • Users: Up to 1,000
    • Access type: iButton or keypad
    • Uses Eternity Lock Management software
    • Lock Management Kit for this product comes with an external power pack that can be used to power the lock in emergencies


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Eternity Doorstrike Controller

    Eternity Doorstrike Controller

    • iButton receptor mounts on exterior; enclosure mounts inside
    • Enclosure size:  Steel enclosure with hinged lid - 12”x 9” x 4”
    • Use Eternity Lock Management software or operate in simple mode without software


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iButton Keyless  Locker and Cabinet Lock

    iButton Locker Lock

    • For use on lockers and drawers
    • Users: Up to 15
    • Power type: Four AA batteries
    • Simple operation. No software needed


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The Lock Management Kit:

  • Includes Eternity Lock Management Software CD, Drill Template, Blue Dot Receptor, Program iButton and User Manual.

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What is an iButton?

The iButton is a 16 millimeter computer chip encased in a water tight stainless steel container smaller than a dime. The container is attached to a plastic keyfob designed to fit on a keychain. Each iButton has a unique ID number which is detected by the lock when the user taps his or her iButton to it. The iButton is unaffected by magnetic fields, metal detectors, water and most chemicals. The stainless steel iButton container is rugged enough to withstand harsh environments and durable enough for everyday use. It can be dropped, stepped on, scratched or even worn while swimming. The iButton is wear-tested for 10 year durability and can be reassigned quickly and securely. iButtons are used with the Eternity Locks as well as TimePilot Time and Attendance systems.


How does an iButton Lock work?

  • The locks are installed on your doors just like standard locks. The locks are self-contained - no cables to run.
  • The lock software is installed on your Windows based computer and the Blue Dot Receptor attaches to the PC’s serial port and the front of your computer.
  • Use your software to set up each employee’s iButton. Each iButton has an individual code number so you can give different employees’ buttons different levels of access. You can set times of entry, specific locks, etc., and track the locks use by employee.
  • Snap your “Program iButton” (an enhanced iButton) into the Blue Dot Receptor and use the software to transfer the lock access data to the iButton.
  • Unsnap your Program iButton from its receptor and touch it to each lock. The iButton setup information is transferred to the lock’s memory.
  • That’s it! The locks are ready to operate.
  • Want to track the lock’s use? Touch your Program iButton to the lock and plug it into the receptor at your PC. You will see when the lock was used and who used it.

Key Benefits

Instead of using traditional keys, the Eternity and Solo locks are operated by the revolutionary iButton. This means that you can:

  • Provide simple access control
  • Re-key the lock in seconds
  • Quickly and easily resign an iButton to a new user
  • Allow individual access by the day or hour or even allow only single-use access
  • Prevent employees from making unauthorized duplicate keys
  • Track who uses the lock and when it’s used
  • Two modes of operation:
    • Classroom mode: Once a door is opened, the door remains unlocked until an iButton is used to lock it
    • Storehouse mode: The door locks each time it is closed. (Note: The Doorstrike Controller only operates in storehouse mode)
  • Use the same iButtons for the lock and for TimePilot Time and Attendance systems

Possible uses for the iButton Lock

  • Allow employees access to a room or storage area only during work hours or at specific times.
  • Give service employees (repairmen, etc.) one-time access to your facility or access only on the dates and times you specify.
  • Track who used the lock and when they used it.
  • If an employee leaves the company and doesn’t return his or her iButton, simply program the lock not to open when the ex-employee’s button is used. The system provides instant security without the need to call a locksmith to re-key the lock and purchase new keys for your other employees.

A Three Part System

  1. Part 1 consists of the locks themselves (left or right handed locks available)
  2. Part 2 is the Lock Management Kit (necessary only for the Eternity II, Eternity III, Eternity iKeypad and the Eternity Doorstrike Controller), Windows based Eternity Lock Management System software on CD, Blue Dot Receptor, Program iButton and the manual. You will need only one Lock Management Kit no matter how many locks you purchase.
  3. Part 3 is iButtons. iButtons are available in packs of 10, 50, 100 and 200.
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