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Mobile Device Management

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Why DriveLock?

Every port on every computer in your network poses a serious threat. Network security is incomplete without port and device controls. Are you willing to take chances with the data on your network? The increasing use of a multitude of mobile devices endangers the security of most organizations. DriveLock gives you total control over who uses what device on your computer.

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DriveLock 5.0 Mobile Device Management

DriveLock Overview     

  • Mobile device permissions
  • Device group/type restrictions
  • Control via hardware IDs
  • General or role-specific access
  • Optional automatic encryption of removable drives

DriveLock eliminates a majority of the dangers associated with abuse of removable storage devices. Drivelock runs in the background and is activated as soon as a removable device is attached to a computer. Access to this device is either denied or granted depending on how the software has been configured.

DriveLock enables administrators to determine which external data storage devices (memory sticks, removable media, WiFi-enabled hardware, etc.) can be connected to their systems- and which devices cannot be connected. You can restrict entire device groups and types (such as Bluetooth, infrared, Palms, etc.). Additionally, access to a specific device can be controlled via it’s hardware ID. Users can be assigned general or role-specific access privileges which can be combined with authorizations or restrictions for specific device groups. See the Device Wheel.

Preventable Threats

  • Data Theft
  • Data Disclosure
  • Intrusion
  • System Instability

According to the 2005 CSI/FBI Computer and Security Survey, corporate losses as a result of the theft of confidential information are estimated to be in the billions of dollars. Losses due to unauthorized access and theft of proprietary information far exceed the damage caused by viruses.

DriveLock Mobile Device Management

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The majority of data theft is perpetrated by insiders. These criminals can copy large amounts of data to mobile storage devices targeting research data, customer lists, credit card information, competitive data and more. With DriveLock you can control who can copy data to and from a mobile storage device.

USB sticks are lost or stolen every day. DriveLock automatically and transparently encrypts the data on mobile storage devices to safeguard your data.

Uncontrolled peripherals can give intruders access to corporate networks. These devices can also contain viruses and malware. DriveLock gives you total control over the use of ports on all computers in your network.

The uncontrolled use of peripheral devices causes troubleshooting problems that are time-consuming and expensive. DriveLock ensures that only approved devices are connected to the computers in your network.

DriveLock Functionality

  • Dynamically locks removable devices (Floppy, CD-ROM, USB Memory Sticks, etc.)
  • Locks all devices (Bluetooth, Palm, Windows-CE, Smartphones, Card-Reader, Imaging Devices, Network Adapters, Modem, Infrared, USB Controller, 1394 (Firewire) Controller, Sound-Video-Game Controller, PCMCIA Controller, Printer)
  • Locks serial interfaces (COM)
  • Locks parallel interfaces (LPT)
  • Configurable White-Lists for devices (Device type and Hardware ID)
  • Auditing of device configuration changes
  • Supports Windows XP SP2
  • Access can be granted to approved devices
  • Access list can be defined for every single device or group of devices
  • Access can be granted to any users or groups
  • Devices can be locked by means of serial numbers
  • Support network operating systems other than Windows (e.g. Novell NetWare)
  • Automatic identify user changes
  • Advanced DriveLock Agent settings
  • Assign drive letter to removable drives
  • File Filter - Makes it possible to filter (deny or grant) certain types of files based on file extensions
  • Auditing of files - Audit files which read from or written to removable drives
  • Shadowing of files - Duplicate files which were read from or written to removable drives
  • Read and Read/Write access to removable drives configurable
  • Create drives white list rules based on drive size or encryption status
DriveLock Mobile Device Management

DriveLock Administration

  • Configuration using Microsoft Management Console Snap-In (MMC)
  • Easy agent deployment using Group Policy or other software deployment system
  • Central configuration using Active Directory through Group Policy Editors (supports GPMC and NetIQ Group Policy Administrator)
  • Remote connection to Client PCs to temporarily unlock devices and to check RSOP (Resultant Set of Policy)
  • Remote device identification
  • Templates with common computer models (Dell, HP, IBM, etc)
  • Configurable master templates
  • Deployment Wizard
  • Taskbar notification
  • Comment field for exceptions
  • MUI (Multi-lingual User Interface) - Now available as MUI application, currently available in German and English
  • Configuration via configuration file - Can load the configuration file via UNC-Path, HTTP or FTP
  • Separate setup program for DriveLock Management Console (MMC)
  • Prevent DriveLock Agent uninstallation using uninstall password

DriveLock System Requirements

  • Windows Vista
  • Windows XP SP2
  • Windows 2003 Server SP1
  • All removable storage devices are supported
  • For central configuration: Windows 2000 Active Directory or higher with Group Policy (recommended)

DriveLock’s Encryption and Reporting (Add-On)

  • Encrypt data with state-of-the-art encryption (e.g. AES, 3DES)
  • Secure delete your data (e.g. files, folders, volumes)
  • Security Reporting Center - The common reporting console. Consolidate events at a central storage location. Build extensive reports based on collected data.
DriveLock Device Wheel

DriveLock Basic:  Contains all drive and device locking features, but does not include encryption or central reporting functionality.

DriveLock with SRC:  Contains all the features of DriveLock Basic plus the ability to create central reports of client activities usings the Security Reporting Center (SRC). It does not include the encryption functionality.

DriveLock Suite:  Contains all features, including the Security Reporting Center and encryption function.

The Encryption Add-On:  Intended for customers who only need the encryption functionality for some client computers. Customers who need encryption on all computers will use DriveLock Suite.

DriveLock™  Features:




Network Profiles: Automatically configures your computer according to the current network location (for example, at the office or at home) eliminating the need for manual configuration. DriveLock can recognize where you are and will adjust the local DriveLock configuration and other system settings (for example, Internet Explorer proxy configuration settings) to match the appropriate administrator-defined profile. Eliminate the risk of cross-network links or deactivate network devices altogether to enforce a higher security level for your laptop computer while you are out of the office.




Application Launch Filter:  Gives you control over which applications can run on a client PC or within a Terminal Server client session. This extends DriveLock control functionality to the applications running in your network. At the same time it’s a revolutionary way of protecting computers against attacks, including zero-day attacks for which no patches are available yet.




Enhanced Encryption Capabilities: No longer need local administrative rights to access encrypted data that’s stored on an USB stick, other mobile device, or on a network share. This makes encryption truly portable. You can use the DriveLock mobile encryption application to securely transfer data from one location to another without having to install DriveLock on both systems.




Enhanced Security Reporting Center:  Security Reporting Center adds a range of new reporting capabilities and closer integration with the DriveLock client configuration. You can now track events back to their corresponding whitelist entries. With this information it will only take you seconds to troubleshoot and adjust your configuration settings. Using the Security Reporting Center and DriveLock’s improved event reporting, you can now get even more information about what’s happening in your network. This includes a record of all administrative action and information about the use of DriveLock’s encryption functions. You can also easily and quickly create a printout of the current DriveLock configuration settings to help you in documenting or troubleshooting your configuration. For further analysis you can analyze DriveLock events using flexible filters that include search and grouping criteria, and then export the results for further analysis or processing.




Enhanced Usability:  DriveLock has always had powerful administration tools that are flexible and easy to use. We have enhanced these tools to improve overall usability even more. Our completely revamped user interface guides you through common tasks and the necessary steps to achieve your security objectives. This ensures that DriveLock can adjust to the way your IT infrastructure works.




Improved Event Messaging:  DriveLock makes it much easier for administrators to track user activities. A dedicated application log and improved event messaging allow you to gather even more information about what’s going on in your network. DriveLock helps you achieve regulatory compliance by auditing all administrative actions, such as changes to whitelists or access rights. Add the Security Reporting Center, and forensic analysis can be as easy as operating a TV.

Call or email for pricing or more information. A 30 day trial is available.

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