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Disc Ice™                                                                                                                                 

Automatic RFID Computer Lock - PC Access Control and Data Protection


* Disc Ice is not yet available. Email us for updates. *

What if you could walk away from your PC and it automatically locks the computer and disables the keyboard? And when you return the PC unlocks- at exactly the same page as when you left. Your proximity to the PC activates or deactivates the Disc Ice security system. No passwords, no fingerprints, no smart cards. Can privacy be easier than Disc Ice?

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Disc Ice Green



Disc Ice Green is an automatic computer RFID (radio frequency identification) lock which consists of only two pieces of hardware:

  • A small radio identification device which is a wireless radio receiver mounted on a USB port on your computer. This is the lock.
  • A small battery powered RFID wireless transmitter key carried by the user. This Disc Ice transmitter key sends out a continuous signal to your receiver. The transmitter is approximately the same size as a small key fob.

The Disc Ice “lock” is inserted in a USB port on your PC. The Disc Ice “key” is carried by you. The two components, “lock” and “key”, are matching and unique. The PC cannot be accessed  without the correct corresponding “lock” and “key”. The data on the computer is protected even if the machine is stolen because the hard drive cannot be accessed without the Disc Ice “key”.


                 Disc Ice Green Features:


  • Wireless transmissions to the receiver are securely encrypted appearing as random, unintelligible background noise in the radio spectrum.
  • RFID transmitter battery life is 3 years or more.
  • Compatible with Windows Vista and XP.
  • MSRP  $79.00






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Disc Ice Blue



Disc Ice™ Blue will lock and unlock your computer just as Disc Ice Green. But Disc Ice Blue adds an additional layer of protection.

Disc Ice Blue can be configured so that the protected PC must always or intermittently “see” a 2nd transmitter key. You place the  2nd transmitter key in a location up to 15 meters (16.40 yards) from the computer. If your computer fails to “see” the transmitter at your preset intervals it will automatically lock- even if transmitter key #1 is present.


                                                       Disc Ice Blue Features:

  • Transmissions are securely encrypted and virtually invisible to third parties.
  • Lock/Unlock range determined at setup by user
  • Allows multiple users per PC - linked to Windows profiles
  • AES 256 on the fly encryption - up to 90% of the hard drive.
  • RFID transmitter battery life is 3 years or more
  • Compatible with Windows Vista and XP
  • MSRP  $159.00







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